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ABOUT Project Mogul

Credit is the one thing the world utilizes, yet its inhabitants rarely know enough about it. Everybody wants to establish a good credit reputation to help them in making big financial decisions, but not everybody knows the process how to build one. That is why Project Mogul was launched. Project Mogul is a channel dedicated to educating the everyday person and business owner about credit and the impact that credit score has in many of our life decisions. With the expert guidance of CEO and Managing Director of First Sterling Management LLC, Antonio Cook, and the stellar content that he provides, everybody is sure to obtain useful information every time. 

From knowing the importance of personal credit and how to recover from a low credit score to answering questions about business credit and how to build business capital with it, this channel will encompass all of that information and more. It will not matter if you are just starting in your journey to financial freedom or if you already possess a strong portfolio of assets with high net worth, the topics and information will be endless. We have all heard the long-standing phrase “knowledge is power,” and this channel will provide the knowledge for becoming a powerhouse within the world of credit.

Top Professionals to Follow in 2021

Top Professionals to Follow in 2021

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With so much that has happened in the year of 2020, it’s easy to say we’ve been through some troubling times. Through pandemonium & global crisis, the world’s economic reputation has been put to the test. Rest assured, our world’s brightest minds, particularly business leaders have had to adapt to effectively move forward. It’s safe to say that all great leaders,



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For the entrepreneur, it always starts with a world of questions. Trying to figure out all the moving parts can be a challenge in itself. We’d like to narrow down your search and understanding of how to establish your business credit. Here are several starter vendor tradelines that will help you establish your business credit profile, obtain an 80+ paydex score, and lead you into tier 2 type

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We understand how a bad credit score can be financially burdensome and emotionally taxing. Leave it to us to improve your credit score and rebuild your credit reputation.



Capital Solutions is the financial gateway which we provide our clients to obtain various forms of capital. We provide value-added capital solutions to clients to help them keep their company running and make long-term purchases.



At times of discouragement, we can often find ourselves falling off track very easily. We are with you in making big dreams and transforming your business. Together, we will reach goals and succeed!



Generally, many parents are encouraged to add their children to their credit cards as authorized users to get them off to a good start. We understandthat not allparents do this. Our tradeline product will help you resolve this difficulty by providing you the opportunity to leverage existing methods that allow you to have more authorized user tradelines.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the process of restoring my credit once I complete my onboarding requirements?

• Generally, we will take your credit repair process through a series of disputes. We use a multi-round process, including but not limited to, clearing inaccurate or unverifiable personal information, freezing of personal information, and clearing delinquencies and/or collections.

2.How long does this process take?

• According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the credit reporting agencies have up to thirty (30) days to respond to any dispute and to update your report. Due to COVID-19 situation, we have seen this process to take up to forty-five (45) days to be completed.

3.When can I expect to see some results?

• Results may vary. However, our average client stays with our services between three (3) to six (6) months. We will be sure to keep you updated, so be sure to check your client portal and email for notifications.

4. While I am waiting for the updates to my credit report, is there anything that I should be doing to help? Or is there anything that I should avoid doing? Why?

• Be sure to keep your credit utilization down below 10% on credit cards, department store cards and lines of credit.
• During this time, it is important that you DO NOT apply for any new loans or credit cards as this will interrupt our process and your results.

5. Why am I paying for MyScoreIQ and IdentityIQ separately?

• These are separate paid subscriptions for credit monitoring services that provide all three (3) credit bureaus. Our internal software does not have the capability to pull your credit reports and these two platforms aid us with the services we are providing you.
• We advise you to maintain free credit monitoring with Credit Karma (Equifax, TransUnion) and the Experian App for real time updates on your credit.